It saves time and budget for the future project. We provide a full cycle of general designing from draft project to the commissioning process


A full range of construction works at a reasonable price, utility systems and networks assembling. All construction tolerances. A system of internal quality assurance. Every 5 days there is a photo report on your e-mail.

Quality assurance

Service of technical support at all work stages: from pre-project planning to commissioning process.


General designing saves time and budget of the future project.

The designing of the general plans,
enterprise territory and engineering
  • grading and area improvements;
  • engineering and technological networks;
  • engineering structures;
  • transformer stations;
  • water intake structures;
  • refrigerating units;
  • capacitive units.
Designing of public
buildings and estates
  • office building;
  • trade enterprises;
  • shopping centres;
  • public catering enterprises;
  • consumer services enterprises;
  • laboratory buildings;
  • public utilities.
Industrial buildings
and estates design
  • enterprises design;
  • factories producing alcoholic and soft drinks , juices, canned food;
  • design of construction companies;
  • meat-processing factories;
  • milk plants;
  • baking and canning factories;
  • procuring factories;
  • plants and workshops for the equipment production and metalworking;
  • enterprises for building materials production;
  • inter-branch enterprises;
  • local industry companies;
  • paint spray processings;
  • production of packing;
  • assembly productions.
Logistics facilities design
  • warehouse buildings;
  • logistics centres;
  • agricultural storage facilities;
  • cold storage rooms.
Transport facilities design
  • road transport enterprises;
  • of transport infrastructure enterprises: gas stations, car dealership centers, car services, motels;
  • road services;
  • garages;
  • car parks.
And also
  • enterprises design;
  • public buildings design;
  • public facilities design;
  • facilities design;
  • engineering construction sites;
  • facilities construction;
  • enterprises technical condition assessment;
  • selection of land plots for construction.

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