It saves time and budget for the future project. We provide a full cycle of general designing from draft project to the commissioning process


A full range of construction works at a reasonable price, utility systems and networks assembling. All construction tolerances. A system of internal quality assurance. Every 5 days there is a photo report on your e-mail.

Quality assurance

Service of technical support at all work stages: from pre-project planning to commissioning process.

Integrated project development

From initial land plot analysis and market research to the commissioning process of the built project

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More than 100 projects

The buildings are designed and manufactured according
to individual projects of different directions

The advantages of working with us

We optimize and reduce constructing costs by 5% - 20%

We minimize the cost of construction by planning solutions, selection of materials and process optimization.

We use an efficient management system

We reduce lead time by 15-20% implementing ISO 9000 standards, as well as the use of our planning.


years on the market


Constructed objects

Object prototype of the in the “Cyprion” program

This is a tool for energy efficiency of buildings. Cyprion is a software module that performs price calculation, optimization of structural and thermal insulation solutions, as well as the payback period of investments in the case of using a thicker insulation layer.

Individual design

We offer a modern approach to the designing and manufacture
of buildings for individual projects in different directions

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